Monday, 6 April 2009

Comma Butterfly

Well over the weekend it looked like Spring finally arrived to Essex. We went to Finginghoe Nature reserve and could see all kinds of life springing up.

The trees were getting their leaves, and there were lots of Bees and butterflies around.

One I managed to capture was a "Comma". These are very common and not so scared of a big lump like me coming towards them. I was kneeling on a bramble whislt taking this shot, but us photographers have to think of the shot before our pain. :-)

There were also lots of Peacock butterflies around, but they were not having any photographer coming close to them.

It was nice to see the carpark of the nature reserve almost full. There were lots of bird watchers and photographers over there. Some of the photographers have very big lenses, I guess they were trying to get shots of the many birds.

Well I hope you like the shots.

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