Sunday, 16 February 2014

The sign of things to come......

Here in the UK we have had some pretty horrible weather conditions...... windy, rainy, windy, rainy.... you get the message. It seems that it's a never ending cycle. I think thats why us British people love to talk about the weather so much.

So I was out in my garden today, on an unsually bright sunny day, and saw that some crocus had started to bloom. It was such a joy to see the signs of Spring starting to break through..... it was such a welcome site, so as I had my camera in my had I just had to take a shot.

Not the most stylistic shot, or technically brilliant shot. But it was just a welcome site.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the shot, and remember Spring is just around the corner, so chin up!


Friday, 7 February 2014

It's only farm equipment.....

Well the weather in the UK has been grim to say the least. I know other countries too are suffering with there own problems with the weather.

So while it's not raining it's probably best to go outside and enjoy walking in the countryside. After I finished work today (which luckly for me is 1pm on a Friday) we decided to go for a walk, instead of going to th gym. Afterall the weather forecast for the weekend is pretty dire to say the least.

We went for a walk over a place called Abotts Hall, which is the headquarters of the Essex Wildlife Trust. Camera in tow we found some old farm equipment, so took this little shot. It's actually a HDR image, hopefully I haven't done to much processing of the shot.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the photo.